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To become a SEA Change Member Institution is to declare your values and principles.

At this moment in history, it is critically important that institutions declare who they are, what they value, and what they want to become. Adoption of the SEA Change Principles affirms that creating a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive community is a priority.

As a SEA Change Member, you’ll join a national network of institutions with a global presence that is leading the way in institutional transformation. Aligning with the SEA Change Principles as a Member Institution sends a clear message to current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and donors about the kind of environment your institution strives to create. View Member Benefits.

SEA Change Members choose progress; SEA Change provides the levers to aid in making that progress.

SEA Change Membership is currently available for whole institutions of higher education. SEA Change is in the process of adapting Membership for medical schools and health science centers.