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The SEA Change logo (navy blue AAAS logo above two toned blue wave graphic about navy blue SEA Change in all caps) is above a light blue line with Member in all caps below in navy blue lettering

Making STEMM diversity, equity, and inclusion normative in U.S. higher education

At this moment in history, it is critically important that U.S. institutions of higher education declare who they are, what they value, and what they want to become. Adoption of the SEA Change Principles affirms that creating a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive community is a priority for your institution. SEA Change Membership includes a public commitment to the SEA Change Principles, access to Institute offerings as they are released, and assistance from SEA Change staff and other stakeholders as the institution moves from being reactive to proactive through systemic transformation efforts.

If you have questions or would like additional information please email


Criteria for SEA Change Membership (Please see Membership Terms)

i. Any non-profit postsecondary Institution of higher education based in the United States may become a Member of SEA Change.
ii. For the purposes of SEA Change, an "Institution" is everything that falls under a single Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) ID. We recognize some Institutions have a health science center (HSC) or medical school that is autonomous or is a large and significantly self-supporting component of an Institution with the capacity to set standards and create tailored processes, consistent with the Institution. These HSCs or medical schools should contact Darla Thompson, the Project Director for SEA Change Biomedicine, at for further discussion.


Press Contact:

Press Contact Email:

Terms of Membership

By completing this form, the above institution commits to the SEA Change Principles.

Once a completed Membership Form is submitted and approved by authorized AAAS staff, Membership will automatically renew on January 1 of each year for members who are in good standing. Membership dues will be invoiced at the then-current membership rate.

For a menu of Member Benefits and other important terms please see the SEA Change Membership Terms.

Final Membership: Effective upon submission of a complete form to AAAS.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are implemented to ensure sustainability of the SEA Change program and resources. Membership fees are used to cover operations and support costs of SEA Change, the SEA Change Institute offerings (e.g. trainings, courses, convenings, composition of resource repository), and the SEA Change peer- review and Awards. The SEA Change business plan is approved by AAAS.

Annual fees must be paid by January 30 of each year. Cost should not be a barrier to participation, so there is a sliding scale for annual Membership fees based on total institutional expenses in the prior fiscal year, and some ability to subsidize institutions with the most limited resources, if needed:

Band A
Total Expenses, prior fiscal year ≥ $1,000,000,000
Membership fee: $30,000 annually

Band B
Total Expenses, prior fiscal year = $500,000,000 - $999,999,999
Membership fee: $25,000 annually

Band C
Total Expenses, prior fiscal year = $100,000,000 - $499,999,999
Membership fee: $20,000 annually

Band D
Total Expenses, prior fiscal year = $50,000,000 - $99,999,999
Membership fee: $15,000 annually

Band E
Total Expenses, prior fiscal year = $10,000,000 - $49,999,999
Membership fee: $10,000 annually

Band F
Total Expenses, prior fiscal year ≤ $9,999,999
Membership fee: $5,000 annually

Institutions with financial hardship, especially within bands E and F, can contact to discuss temporary subsidies or waivers.

Please select your annual baseline membership fee:

Particularly in light of COVID-19, we recognize that prior fiscal year expenses may not reflect the current financial state of many institutions. Please see the Membership Terms linked above for considerations that are factors in decisions on fee reduction and waiver requests. If relevant, elaborate on qualifying factors here (please include metrics used to determine financial hardship):

Hardship Disclaimer:

Maximum of 1000 words.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

AAAS owns the SEA Change logo and other intellectual property created by or for SEA Change. AAAS grants Member Institutions non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the SEA Change Member logo and/or claim SEA Change Membership on its Institutional pages on the university website and other Institution-level printed materials, adhering to the provided branding guidelines, so long as the Institution remains a Member in good standing. Use shall be subject to the design requirements detailed in the Membership Terms. Charter Member logos may only be used by Institutions that joined SEA Change on or before December 31, 2021 and remain continuously in good standing. The Institution must apply for additional use of SEA Change Member logo(s) outside the above-mentioned parameters in writing. The Institution will use the SEA Change Member logo(s) as provided by AAAS without any change or modification and according to the AAAS SEA Change branding guidelines. The Institution understands that AAAS is the exclusive trademark holder of the SEA Change Member logo(s) and therefore agrees not to claim any trademark that includes the logos or images that represent them or any variation thereof. The Institution agrees not to use the SEA Change Member logo(s) in any manner that implies endorsement or promotion by AAAS of any product or service unless otherwise permitted by AAAS in writing on each occasion.

The above institution agrees to the Copyright and Intellectual Property terms above. *

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