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Cultivating SEA Change

It’s time for a SEA Change

We can only address collective global challenges if we disconnect from the structures of the past that are hobbling the ability to move forward together.
— Shirley Malcom, "Science, all inclusive"

We in the STEM community, particularly within business and industry, understand the benefits of diversity. We value global interactions among scientists, and the free flow of ideas across borders. We also know that biases, including those within colleges and universities, have marginalized many different groups and denied opportunities in STEM. How do we untie ourselves from these practices? How do we give ourselves access to the full range of talent in STEM?

We’re proud to introduce SEA Change.

Become a Founding Corporate Partner

SEA Change founding corporate partners invest in a future where increasingly diverse STEM professionals enter the talent pool.

As a founding corporate partner, you will:

  • Become part of the SEA Change corporate advisory council, helping to shape the initiative to ensure that businesses’ STEM diversity needs are addressed

  • Receive high-visibility recognition as a leader in diversity and inclusion

  • Participate in networking activities to forge connections between corporate and academic institutions

  • Have access to SEA Change Institute training, events, and SEA Change Community discussions about diversity and inclusion

Contact Shirley Malcom, SEA Change Director, to learn more, or use the Contact Us form on this site.



SEA Change is part of a collaborative, international network modeled after the effective self-assessment process framework developed by the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU), part of Advance HE, in the United Kingdom. These initiatives include:



The SEA Change Pilot is possible thanks to these supporters: