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AAAS STEM Equity Achievement


SEA Change Awards Pilot


This is the start of a SEA Change.

SEA Change is a new initiative in the U.S. that strives to create lasting systemic change to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEMM. SEA Change is defined by three pillars: the Community, the Institute, and the Awards.

In 2018, we launched the pilot for the Awards component. Three institutions received SEA Change Bronze Awards in 2019: UC Davis, Boston University, and UMass Lowell.

Through 2020, we are pleased to invite institutions to join the SEA Change Awards Pilot as we develop our processes and grow the initiative. SEA Change Membership will not be required of SEA Change Pilot Awardees.

Pilot Institutions will be eligible to:

  1. Apply for and receive a SEA Change Bronze Award

  2. Participate in monthly consultations with the SEA Change Staff on the application and action plan implementation processes

  3. Maintain their SEA Change Award until its expiration—application for award renewal or progression will require the institution to be a SEA Change Member in good standing

awards chart.png

Letters of Intent* to apply should be received by SEA Change no later than December 1, 2019.

Application deadlines for the 2020 SEA Change Awards Pilot are April 30, 2020 and October 30, 2020.

Interested in learning more about the Awards Pilot?


*LOI submission is not binding and is meant to help us compose appropriate peer review panels.



Become a Charter Member of SEA Change

Institutions that choose to join SEA Change as Members in 2019 and 2020 will be designated as Charter Members.

SEA Change Charter Members will have full access to the SEA Change Community and Institute, and will serve as leaders in the transformation of the higher education community in the U.S. Charter Members will have the distinct opportunity to help shape the features that will define the evolution of SEA Change. Charter Members in good standing will reserve the right to use SEA Change Charter Member branding.

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